Our Mission

Zapptitude’s Mission is to computationally understand how students learn so that we can assist educators in delivering personalized instruction to all learners.

Who We Are

Play is an essential part of learning. Game based learning and assessment rather than rote learning and standardized assessment has the potential to change how children learn. Zapptitude is building innovative educational technology products and services to advance game/app based learning for 21st Century skills.

Our Technology

Our Assessment as a Service platform is being built on cutting-edge advances in machine learning as well as educational data mining. It comprises of a client SDK for secure data collection, a scalable cloud based inference engine, real time assessment reports, and an app recommendation engine. Our proprietary inference engine leverages large scale machine learning algorithms to analyze massive amounts of data to find patterns across learners and educational apps.


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    Mita Das

    Founder / CEO

    Dr. Das is a researcher, an entrepreneur and a mom. She has over 15 years of experience in mathematical and statistical modeling, mining large data sets for air quality modeling. She is now a Mobile and Edtech entrepreneur, game designer, and an educator developing new technologies for game based assessment and learning in the 21st Century.

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    Priyanka Tyagi

    CoFounder / CTO

    Priyanka Tyagi has over 12 years of experience designing and developing software, web and mobile systems for a diverse range of industries from automobile and ecommerce to entertainment and EdTech. Her expertise lies in Android, mobile SDKs, cross-platform apps and game based learning.

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    Alex Natskovich


    Alex Natskovich has over 10 years of experience designing and developing hardware, software and web systems for a diverse range of industries from fashion and retail to healthcare and EdTech. His expertise lies in distributed data storage and processing; systems integration; distributed systems architecture and AWS cloud-based solutions.


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    Nicolas Mayoraz


    Dr. Mayoraz is a researcher in Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining. He has held research positions at Fortune 100 companies – Motorola, Yahoo! and Google. He has more than 25 years of experience in machine learning, deep learning, and web data mining both in the academia and the corporate world. His area of expertise lies in state-of-the-art large scale recommender systems.

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    Ashwin Ram


    Dr. Ram, a leader and pioneer in applied research at the intersection of cognitive AI and social computing, leads the R&D team for Alexa that powers Amazon Echo. He was the Co-founder and chairman at OpenStudy (acquired by Brainly), an “open social learning network” for peer learning. He has also been a director at the Cognitive Computing Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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    Ronjon Nag


    Dr. Nag is a serial entrepreneur and inventor having founded and sold a couple of very successful mobile technology companies. He founded Lexicus (handwriting/voice recognition & text prediction) and sold it to Motorola. He also founded Cellmania (acquired by BlackBerry). Technologies of Dr. Nag have been deployed in devices a billion times, resulted in billions of downloads.

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    Preetha Ram


    Dr. Preetha Ram is a social entrepreneur and academic who has held several leadership roles in higher education including Associate Dean for Science at Emory University. As CEO and cofounder of OpenStudy, she has taken the company from a research prototype to the #1 peer social learning homework help site that served over 50 million learners globally and to a successful exit.